How long do you have to wait if you fail the florida real estate exam?

If you don't pass the first time, you'll have to wait 30 days to retake the test as prescribed by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). What happens if I don't pass my state real estate test? Florida statutes require that the state test be passed at 75%. Anyone who doesn't pass the state test can pay for and reschedule the test right away. There is no need to wait 30 days (unlike the end-of-course exam).

And ultimately, it doesn't matter if you failed the real estate exam five times; the real estate exam is just a barrier to entering the industry, and once you're in, no one will care how many attempts it took you to pass the real estate exam. A candidate who fails an exam on a Wednesday can call the next day, Thursday, and can retake the test as soon as Friday, depending on space availability. If you're worried about how many times you can take a real estate exam or if you're stressed about not being able to pass the real estate exam, take control of your situation. Anyone who fails the end-of-course exam can take a second, different end-of-course exam after 30 days and up to 1 year after the first exam.

Pearson VUE administers the Florida Real Estate Associate and Broker Licensing Examination not only throughout the state of Florida, but also at Pearson VUE testing centers across the country, as well as online. Candidates who fail an exam must wait 24 hours after taking the exam before making a reservation to retake the exam. There are 45 questions about real estate principles and practices, 45 questions that cover Florida and federal laws, 10 questions require mathematical calculations. We have great exam preparation products and classes to help you pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License Exam.

When you can pass the study questions, you'll have the knowledge and experience to take part in any real estate exam. Re-exam reservations may not be made at the test center, and candidates must wait 24 hours before scheduling the appointment to ensure that previous test results are processed. Inevitably you start thinking: “I failed my real estate exam twice; I can't pass the real estate exam. Reservations cannot be made to retest at the test center, and candidates must wait 24 hours after failing an exam before making a reservation to retake the test.

A passing score for a section of an exam is valid for two retakes of the failed section or six months, whichever comes first. If the remaining portion of the exam fails within 12 months of the first attempt, you will be required to submit a new application and charges to the North Dakota Real Estate Commission.