How hard is ny real estate exam?

You must get a score of 70% or more. Since there are 75 questions, it means that you must answer 53 questions correctly to pass. Real estate exam results are reported as passing or failing, you will not receive a numerical score. The real estate exam is a challenging test that requires proper preparation for good results.

However, to get your real estate license, you must pass the state exam for a real estate broker or agent. New York requires real estate sales agents to complete 75 hours of pre-licensing courses before taking the exam. However, you have to take a number of pre-licensing real estate classes before you can take the licensing exam. Candidates must also bring a printed summary of the presentation that eAccessNY provides to the candidate when an exam is scheduled.

This publication provides all the information you need to better understand the New York Real Estate Seller Exam. Memorize mathematical formulas to solve common real estate calculations, such as profit and loss, mortgage interest, down payments, commissions, and closing pro rata. As a real estate agent, you can always invest in paid advertising, contact a lead generation company, create a website, or send emails. Online school for real estate licensing, real estate continuing education (CE), appraiser licensing, training, and USPAP.

If you are a prospective real estate agent, one of the first steps in starting your career as an agent or broker is to pass the real estate exam in your state. Obtaining your New York real estate license is the first step to becoming a real estate agent in New York. Until an agent sponsors you and you complete your seller application, you will not be able to sell or rent real estate in New York. Once you've aligned with a sponsoring broker, it's time to complete the real estate seller application.

In my 15+ years preparing people for the real estate license exam, I've seen it all. For example, if you need more practice with real estate mathematics, you can focus your studies on that area and increase your chances of passing the final exam.