How hard is it to pass the nys real estate exam?

You must get a score of 70% or more. Since there are 75 questions, it means that you must answer 53 questions correctly to pass. Real estate exam results are reported as passing or failing, you will not receive a numerical score. As a result, you may wonder, “How difficult is the real estate exam? The answer depends on how well you prepare for the test.

Read More 10 Costly Real Estate Agent Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Continue Read More How to Build a Real Estate Team — Ultimate Plan (202 Continue. After the broker authorizes your application, the State Department will review it to ensure that it is complete and meets the requirements for obtaining a real estate seller's license. A practice test is a good idea to help you know if you are ready for the real estate seller exam. Online school for real estate licensing, real estate continuing education (CE), appraiser licensing, training, and USPAP.

In the days leading up to the real estate exam, make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy. While you won't learn this in real estate school, I want to remind you that the real estate exam is not a career. After finishing your New York real estate pre-licensing course, you must pass a final course exam with a score of at least 70%. At this time, the Department of State will review the application details and mail the real estate license through USPS to your address.

This publication provides all the information you need to better understand the New York Real Estate Seller Exam. Real estate exams are designed to be difficult to pass, so they can eliminate people who are not going to be qualified agents. Remember that the purpose of these courses is not just to check a box and complete a requirement, but to prepare you to pass the exam and become a better agent. The California real estate exam is different from the Michigan real estate exam, and understanding those differences is a key part of passing the exam.

Before you can change your career at full speed, you must pass the real estate salesperson or realtor test offered in your state.